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Bret Heither

BG Lake on 9/24 Cancelled 1 3

Sally Butts

Food Bank Transport Ride: This Sunday! 1 4

Mary McLaren

Slower Friday ride 1 11

Bill Cismar

Ladies 50-52 bike needed 1 3

Joe Cote

Clip in Pedals for Beginners 1 6

Shanna Rice

Banks to Vernonia trail ride 1 4

Donna Richardson

Joe Duvall is leading the Thursday, 9-20, Non-Throbber 1 2

Bret Heither

SCW moving to Wed night (9/19) 1 4

Dennis Hatton

Non-throbbing Thigh Thriller for September 20 is cancelled 1 5

Debra Krichko

Impromptu Ride SATURDAY 9AM - BG to North County 20+ Spirited Ride 1 3

Ann Wendland

Apple Tree Marathon volunteers needed 1 1

John Williams

Thank you everybody 1 4

Dan Nelson

Yoga for Cyclists 1 3

Sally Butts

Food Bank Transport: This Sunday! 1 5

Steven Baltazar

Wednesday BG Hills Ride 1 6

Mary McLaren

Slower Friday Ride 1 5

Bret Heither

SCW moving to Wed (9/5) at 5:30pm 1 5

Devin Bowen

Fwd: You're Invited: Meal Schedule for John & Mary Williams 1 11

Sally Butts

The VBC Picnic is This Saturday! 1 17

Joe Cote

Salmon Creek Ave paving update 1 6