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Joe Duvall

Thursday non-throbber ride cancelled 1 0

Dennis Hatton

Willamette Week - Your Dream Car is an E-Bike 1 1

Mary Ann Teague

Earthquake and Miniquake cancelled for 10/16 1 2

Bruce Romanish

Joining list 2 1

Jan Verrinder

Monday Evening Fun 1 1

Mary McLaren

Mary's Friday Ride 1 2

Steven Baltazar

Thursday’s BG Ride changed to 10AM 1 1

Steven Baltazar

Todays Mini-Quake Cancelled 1 0

Steven Baltazar

Today’s Mini-quake?? 2 1

Steven Baltazar

Wednesday’s Mini-Quake needs RL 1 1

Mary McLaren

Sunday Easy Ride 1 7

Joe Cote

No wonder I can't hold a 20mph pace 2 3

Steven Baltazar

Tuesday’s rides start at 10am 1 3

Judy Boyle

HELP - Mini Quake 1 3

Bret Heither

Impromptu moved to 1pm 1 1

Bret Heither

Impromptu Sun Social (18-20mph, 30ish miles) 1 0

Craig Brown

Riding Klickitat trail Sunday 1 5

Donna Richardson

Early Friday morning ride option 1 4

Judy Boyle

Mini-Quake 1 3

Joe Toscano

Thursday Ride:Give More 24: The Beer's on Me 1 5